How To Shave Your Pubic Hair and Balls (2021 Guide)


You don’t must be coy about shaving down there. Most males shave or manscape their pubes and ball hair for a clear look. In accordance with a latest survey, 70% of girls want a man with trimmed pubic hair as a result of it maintains hygiene, presents quick access, and simply makes the package deal look higher. Whereas males’s grooming has come a good distance lately, trimming your physique hair remains to be a private choice. For those who’re contemplating shaving your pubic hair and balls, there are some suggestions and tips that can show you how to keep away from any accidents. Whether or not you’re occupied with manscaping your pubic space or want tips about shaving your balls, it’s essential to have the precise grooming instruments and observe a superb step-by-step course of to reduce pores and skin irritation, burns, bumps, and ingrown hairs. That will help you navigate this delicate space, we’ve compiled this information on easy methods to shave pubic hair for males.

How To Shave Your Pubic Hair For Men

Instruments You Want To Shave Your Pubes

One of the best ways to shave your pubic hair is through the use of the precise grooming instruments. Guys who manscape their pubes want high quality shaving instruments to groom this delicate space. The perfect shave merchandise will show you how to get a easy shut reduce whereas defending your pores and skin and avoiding nicks, burns, ingrowns, and bumps. If that is the primary time you intend to shave your balls and pubic hair, this isn’t the time to be frugal. Spend money on these top-rated grooming merchandise to make sure you get a clear trim.

How To Shave Pubes Men

Electrical Trimmer

For those who’re sporting an overgrown pubic bush, you may’t simply dive in with a razor and a can of Barbasol. Except you’re manscaping often, you’ve received to prune away most of your pubes with an electrical trimmer earlier than you may shave the world. There are high-quality trimmers which can be made particularly for public hair, however many electrical trimmers and hair clippers can have the precise guards that will help you shave your pubes all the way down to the suitable size for a razor.

We suggest getting a flexible but highly effective trimmer that you should use to groom your full physique. The Philips Norelco Multigroom Series 7000 is without doubt one of the greatest physique groomers and pubic hair trimmers available on the market proper now. If you’d like a devoted machine, the most well-liked trimmer for shaving your pubes and balls is the Manscaped Lawn Mower 3.0.

Pre-Shave Oil

If you’d like a easy shave with out pores and skin irritation or razor burn, you’ll desire a hydrating pre-shave oil. An excellent pre-shave oil will hydrate your pores and skin and soften pubic hair so the razor will glide effortlessly. Nice in your pubes and balls, a top-rated pre-shave oil is definitely worth the cash and additional step if you need an in depth reduce whereas defending your pores and skin. The Art of Shaving and Viking Revolution are respected manufacturers with glorious product choices.

Excessive-High quality Shaving Cream

Shaving cream is without doubt one of the most essential grooming merchandise you’ll want. Barbasol or an everyday shave cream may be positive for facial hair, however don’t even take into consideration slathering that white foamy stuff over your boys downstairs. You need to see what you’re shaving, so discover a high-quality shaving cream or gel that’s clear and doesn’t foam up an excessive amount of when utilized.

The perfect shaving lotions can even totally lubricate your pubic space and balls to reduce friction, permitting the razor to glide easily with every move. We advise you strongly contemplate Cremo’s Barber Grade Cooling Shave Cream or Pacific Shaving Company’s Natural Shave Cream.

Prime-Rated Razor

A top quality razor is important for getting an in depth, snug shave with out irritation or cuts. The perfect razors can have easy, sharp blades that decrease friction whereas permitting you to shave the utmost quantity of hair with each move. A top-rated razor for males is particularly essential when you have delicate pores and skin that’s vulnerable to nicks and in-grown hairs. Get your self a razor with replaceable cartridges so you may swap out the blades when shaving your pubes. The Dorco Pace 6 Pro and Gillette Fusion5 Razor are among the many top-rated choices on this class.

Moisturizer or Aftershave Balm

After you’ve shaved, you’ll want to use a moisturizer, hydrating lotion, or aftershave balm to appease your pores and skin and cease the world from turning into irritated or infected. Hopefully, your grooming routine already features a moisturizer or soothing balm in your face, however this product completely must be all-natural and alcohol-free.

You need the delicate pores and skin in your balls and pubic space to be hydrated to stop irritation and itch. Whether or not you select American Shaving’s Aftershave Balm or Rugged & Dapper’s Facial Moisturizer, spend money on a nutrient-rich pure formulation to fight dryness, irritation, and itchiness.

Shaving Your Pubic Hair

Select A Size

It’s as much as you ways brief you need to shave. For those who want very brief pubic hair, you might be able to simply use an electrical trimmer with no guard or a #1 guard. If you’d like a easy shut shave with no hair, run the trimmer with no guard so you may move over the world with a razor after. You need visibility whilst you shave, so it’s greatest to trim away lengthy pubes to a manageable size so you may see the place you’re shaving.

Shaving Pubic Hair Men

Trim The Hair With An Electrical Trimmer

Males ought to all the time trim earlier than shaving their pubic hair and balls. Trimming the world first can forestall your curly, coarse pubic hair from getting trapped in your razor’s blades, making it laborious to shave correctly. Manscaping with an electrical trimmer also can cease your hairs from getting pulled whereas decreasing the chance of cuts and irritation. Run the trimmer throughout pubes and trim down as shut as you may, ensuring you get longer hairs, which is able to trigger painful tugging whenever you’re shaving them.

Bathe To Soften Your Pubic Hair

When you’ve trimmed your pubes all the way down to a superb shaving size, an important subsequent step is taking a heat bathe or tub. You might need to save time by trying to shave dry, however don’t. You received’t be shaving your pubic hair day by day, so take the time to do it proper, and your pores and skin will thanks.

Not solely will a bathe wash away the trimmings, however the heat water can even soften your pores and skin and hair, making it simpler to shave the world. Moreover, the nice and cozy water will loosen up you, open up your pores, and permit your balls to loosen for the shave. Lastly, cleaning the world will wash away micro organism and decrease pores and skin irritation.

Trimming Your Pubic Hair For Guys

Use Pre-Shave Oil

The nice and cozy bathe received’t be fairly sufficient to make sure that your razor will glide effortlessly. When you’ve dried off, therapeutic massage the world with pre-shave oil, which is able to moisturize your pores and skin and supply an extra layer of safety. Be beneficiant and use a superb quantity of oil for a easy shave to make sure you prep the pores and skin and soften the hairs sufficiently.

Apply Shaving Cream or Gel

Naturally, you’ll want to use a top quality shaving cream or gel. It’s all about lubrication for shaving your pubic space, so don’t be frugal and apply it generously. Unfold it thickly wherever that razor goes to go. An excellent shave gel will defend the pores and skin and hair, and let your razor glide because it shaves your pubes. This additional stage of hydration is especially essential when you have delicate pores and skin or in case you are inclined to shave with a heavy hand.

Shaving Your Pubic Hair and Balls

Shave Your Pubes

You’ve completed all of the prep work, and also you’re able to shave, however take your time. You may solely do small strokes with a razor, which works to your profit. Maintain your pores and skin taut with one hand and gently shave the world within the route that your pubes are rising. It’s additionally really useful that you simply begin on the backside of the pubic space and keep away from the testicles as you’re employed your means as much as your abdomen.

Shave Your Balls

If you wish to be protected and keep away from cuts, burns, or irritation, be additional mild when shaving your balls. Your scrotum and testicles are very delicate, so take your time and be affected person as you shave the hair.

It’s a good suggestion to face in entrance of your lavatory mirror or bend over to look so you may see what you’re doing, particularly below the scrotal sac. Pull a small patch of the pores and skin tightly so there aren’t any wrinkles or curves.

Because you’ve utilized pre-shave oil and a moisturizing cream or gel, you don’t need to do far more than brief, mild strokes. Most guys solely have patches of ball hair, so focus your consideration on these areas first.

How To Shave Your Balls

Rinse Your Blade Usually and Reapply Shave Gel As Needed

Little question you’ve been shaving since puberty, so you understand that hairs and gel will clog the razor, and also you received’t get the shut shave you need. Ensure that with each stroke of the razor, you rinse it below heat operating water. Additionally, you may shave away the gel as you go alongside, so reapply it as wanted to unshaved areas.

Bathe With Conditioning Physique Wash

If you’ve completed shaving your pubes and balls, you’ll want to wash off any remaining hair and gel. You would clear up with a moist heat facecloth, however it’s extra rewarding to take one other bathe, this time utilizing a conditioning physique wash. Use a physique wash constituted of all-natural elements will soothe and clear your freshly shaved pores and skin.

Begin the bathe with heat water and deal with the world to hydrate and defend the pores and skin. End with cool water to shut the pores and decrease in-grown hairs.

How To Shave Down There

Use An All-Pure Lotion to Moisturize

Shaving scrapes away layers of your physique’s pure oils. These oils maintain your pores and skin moisturized whereas defending you from irritation and an infection. After drying your self off from the bathe, therapeutic massage an all-natural lotion or aftershave balm throughout your shaved areas.

An excellent moisturizer will soothe your pores and skin, forestall burning or itching, and assist your pores and skin regenerate. You’ll need to apply lotion each day for a couple of days to maintain your pubic space and balls easy and hydrated.

How To Keep away from Razor Burn on Your Balls and Pubic Space

For those who observe all the steps for shaving your balls and pubic hair correctly, you’ll scale back the chance of razor burn. Nonetheless, when issues get fairly sweaty down beneath, particularly in scorching climate, pores and skin irritation and dryness may be troublesome to cease. Nonetheless, you are able to do a couple of issues to decrease the chance of razor bumps.

First, don’t use the identical blade in your balls as you utilize in your face. The blade must be sharp and hygienic, so all the time change your razor’s blade earlier than shaving your pubic space.

If you’ve completed shaving, toss the blade. Contemplate shopping for a set of blades which can be solely used for shaving your balls.

Some so-called grooming specialists advise shaving towards the grain. Positively don’t shave towards the grain. Even with the precise lubricating gel, you can nonetheless trigger irritation by scraping in the other way. Whilst you might find yourself with a more in-depth shave, most guys expertise ingrown hairs when shaving towards the pure grain.

Lastly, take it sluggish and straightforward. You received’t be shaving your balls and pubes usually so don’t rush and it. Being affected person as you shave is one other approach to keep away from razor burn and irritation. Furthermore, you’ll need to be mild as a result of your scrotum has essentially the most susceptible and delicate pores and skin in your entire physique.

How To Avoid Razor Burn on Your Balls and Pubic Area

How To Keep away from Ingrown Hairs on Your Balls and Pubic Hair

Ingrown hairs occur when shaved hair grows again and curls beneath the pores and skin, leading to redness, swelling, and pustules. Though hair can develop inward anyplace in your physique, it’s prevalent within the pubic space as a result of public hair is coarse and curly.

Following our greatest practices for shaving your balls will assist forestall ingrown hairs, however it’s also possible to scale back them by exfoliating your non-public elements day by day with a easy wash within the bathe. It will eliminate useless pores and skin cells that may clog your pubes’ follicles, which is a contributing issue to hairs rising inward.

When you’ve dried off, apply a non-greasy moisturizer or a non-alcoholic aloe vera gel as a protectant towards an infection. Tea tree oil is a typical antibacterial therapy for ingrown hairs on the face and neck, and it’ll work simply as nicely in your shaved balls.

Shaving Pubes and Ball Hair

How To Cease Your Balls From Itching After Shaving

Some of the frequent aftereffects of shaving your pubes is itchy balls. Itchiness is usually attributable to dry pores and skin, and shaving makes dry pores and skin worse for the reason that course of removes topical layers of pores and skin that naturally retain moisture. After shaving, you’ll want to restore that misplaced moisture to your balls.

First, resist the urge to scratch the itch, which is able to solely scrape away extra pores and skin and pure humectants. You would strive some house cures like cornstarch, cucumber, or an oatmeal paste. However these are for short-term reduction, and in case you’re going to shave your balls often, then you’ll want to suppose long-term.

Search for a non-alcoholic aftershave balm with all-natural elements and keep away from these with added perfume and chemical compounds.

The perfect aftershave balms can have moisturizing oils, reminiscent of coconut, avocado, or jojoba. Because you’ll be leaving the balm in your freshly shaved balls, make certain it doesn’t go away a greasy residue. Like all skincare merchandise, we suggest testing the aftershave balm earlier than buying it.

As your pubes start to develop again, you’ll nonetheless really feel the itch, so embrace the moisturizing balm in your grooming routine day by day.

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