Top 10 Best Towel Warmer Reviews


Heated pads are a major part of fantastic restaurants and high-end spas for a lengthy time. Nothing books like a hot cloth for a soothing massage or spa session.

You may not be able to take the complete spa treatment at home, but you can’t enjoy some comforts. We must all dry up when we get out of the shower. You can use a standard ancient towel, but you can think how much nicer it would be if you were washed to a warm cloth.

Towel warmers come in various ways and may not be as costly as you might believe. There are however some stuff you need to understand about seat warmers before we get to the item suggestions. A well-informed shopper is after all a fortunate shopper.

Picking the Right Towel Warmer

It enables if you learn a lot about them before you purchase a hotter cloth for your house. Towel heaters are generally hydronic or electric. Although the structure changes a lot, most towel warmers come under three distinct racks.

1. Electric Towel Warmers

Probably the most frequently used range of towel warmers are electric versions. Most electric designs work in a comparable manner, albeit at much reduced strength, to electric space heaters. Some heaters use a dry heating element, while others contain an element-heated mineral oil in the châssis. However, in spaces with hundreds of watts, most electric water heaters use approximately 60 watts of energy, approximately the same as a light bulb.

Even if some electric bath warmers have a 120V cable which can be easily plugged into your power socket, many other designs must be hardwired into the system of your home. For hardwired designs, please contact a local electrician for an offer.

2. Hydronic Towel Warmers

Hydronic designs are the other type of cloth warmer. As the name implies, these warmers cycle warm water in a circuit. They use almost no energy and are much cheaper than electric water heaters.

Although certain hydronic heaters straight communicate with your house warm water heater (recognized as an open scheme), certain designs contain a devoted hydronic biking scheme (recognized as a closed scheme). Although hydronic devices are much cheaper than electrical designs to run, they are harder to assemble. Please consult an skilled plumber first when you are concerned in installing a hydronic water scheme.

Mounts installation

The assembly techniques for your cloth warmer are not less essential to consider. Installations include three primary kinds: wall-mounted, floor-mounted and freestanding.

1. Wall mounted

Wall-mounted towel warmers are one of the most flexible types. It is the most space-aware and is often mounted in households to substitute conventional towel racks. They are a excellent option for apartment complexes, condos and bigger households due to their tiny space effect.

They are not only wall-mounted, space-efficient installs, but also accessible in both hydronic and electrical designs, both hardwired and plug-in. If you’re searching for a warm cloth with minimal visual effect, your greatest bet is a wall-mounted heating device.

2. Floor mounted

Towel heaters mounted on the floor usually take up more room than model walls, but are often more flashy. Operating in much the same way, they can be hydronic or electric models. Floor-mounted designs operate best in bigger and more spacious houses and are usually inadequate for crowded toilets.

3. Freestanding

Freestanding towel warmers are generally cheaper than traditional designs. Since freestanding heaters do not need to be installed in any room, they can be easily shifted from room to room. These models are always electrical and almost always plug-in, making it an excellent choice for anyone who can not actually afford to install professionally.

On the other side, independent designs are not as classy or sophisticated as assembled versions and do not come in as many types. It’s a nice option for renters, but homeowners can want a more lasting alternative.

Industrial Tower Warmers

In relation to the heaters of the housing towers, bigger industrial towels like those used in salons are also available. These bigger drawers are like a refrigerator and can hold tens of towels at times. In order to help the average customer with these feedback, we did not include one of these designs.

Who Should Buy a Towel Warmer

Towel warmers are a bit luxurious, and they do more than just keep your towels warm and dry. Towel warmers are a low-energy appliance so they won’t help keep your home cool. They are, however, great at decreasing moisture and combating mildew.

Towel warmers are a excellent option for anyone living in a often humid and refreshing environment. They have been common for a lengthy time in southern Europe, with hot climate and rainy days a dozen times. They are also common in New England and the Midwest of America, where the winter is lengthy and cool. A hot cloth can be a comfortable break after you get into cold water from your bath.

However, a hotter cloth may be less appealing if you reside in a hot, dry environment. Since they operate best for continuous running, you may not want additional warmth at home. They also tend to create the air drier in your home, so this should be taken into account.

It is also important to note that seat warmers can range from easy, functional designs to stylish fittings to emphasize your wall. Whether you prefer timeless simplicity or something stylish and flashy, towel warmers operate for you.

Whether you’re upgrading your house or want to purchase a straightforward modell, after a hot (or cold) shower or bath, a cloth warmer can give additional convenience. If you appreciate your animal’s comfort, a hotter cloth is a wonderful way to sprout your house.

Quick overview: The Best Warmer Towel.

Best Towel Warmers Under $100

Pursonic TW300 6-Bar Freestanding or Wall Mountable Towel Warmer

Versatility is a desirable attribute almost always. There are, of course, exceptions: a fish knife which serves as a meal knife is a bad option for both. However, in particular, the more you can use a commodity or device, the more its worth.

This is the great value of the Pursonic TW300 6-bar Towel Warmer. This electric plug-in towel warmer can be mounted as a stand-alone or a towel warmer with the floor. Because it’s a hotter plug-in, it is easy to mount to the ground and a brace is included. Since it does not have to be assembled, you can use it or even bring it with you on your journey in separate spaces.

There are stronger designs in terms of efficiency, but the TW3000 works quite well for its cost. It heats up to 122 ° F in about half an hour and usually goes several hours for the warmer to completely warm your clothes or pillows. The cooler is produced from chrome-finished aluminum. It is rather big with 35″x 2.4″x 23 “but since it can be installed on the wall, bigger toilets do not have a big issue.

  • Economic Price
  • Optional Wall-mount
  • Low Energy Consumption

  • Unattractive Design


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Warmrails Traditional 34 in. Towel Warmer

The Warmrails 34″ Towel Warmer provides the Pursonic TW300 a comparable output. This version can be installed on the wall or used freestanding for more comfort and flexible, as the previous cooler.

This hotter electric plug-in cloth operates on just 80 W, which is approximately equal to the lightbulb. This reduces the electrical footprint, enabling you to operate it for a pittance of energy day and night.

The installation is simple and the necessary brackets are included, so you do not have to worry about the purchase of extra equipment. The towel warmer has a 7-inch energy cable that can be mounted nearly anywhere in your toilet without thinking about hardwire assembly. It’s not so gentle as other towel warmers, but if you’re searching for a nice, cheap template, that’s the best option.

  • Affordably priced
  • Wall-mount optional
  • Low 80W energy consumption

  • Unattractive Design


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20″ Classic Plug-In Towel Warmer

This classic Signature Hardware electrical plug-in warmer provides both excellent efficiency and a temporary design at decent cost if you’re searching for a hotter cloth with an even more aesthetic attraction.

This hotter cloth is significantly lower than the prior two. In contrast to these fittings, this model is solely intended with a wall mounted structure. In this situation, this absence of versatility is really an advantage, as the cooler is much more aware of room in a larger toilet. The hotter cloth is installed on a pivoting foundation which allows you to push it against the wall, thus minimizing its effect further.

The 80W towel warmer is silently effective, making it more durable with its classic stainless steel building than cheaper aluminum towel warmers. The hotter cloth measures 25 1⁄2x 19,5 inches and is supported by a lifetime warranty from Signature Hardware.

Although the towel’s hotter default is white, for an extra charge you can pick an optional gold, brushed silver or oiled silver cover. This provides you more flexibility to decorate your toilet. The optional ends are between $10 and $50. While 10 dollars seem sensible, I am not sure that there is a 50 percent cost rise worth an appealing finish. However, this is a tiny tag against what would otherwise be an outstanding hotter cloth.



Classic, elegant style.

For minimal footprint, folds against the wall.

Supported by lifetime guarantee.


Overpriced are optional ends.

Best towel warmers less than $200

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WarmlyYours 4-Bar Elements Towel Warmer

The Warmly Yours 4-Bar Elements hotter cloth appears at first look overpriced. It has approximately the same model and design as the hot hardware Signature and is twice the price. This hotter cloth has something the other does not have–a intelligent Wi-Fi button.

That’s correct. That’s correct. This hotter electric plug-in cloth is equipped with a unique energy outlet and a mini-Wi-Fi recipient. The energy supply can be connected to your intelligent in-home appliances like Alexa or your smartphone so you can easily start and go on the hotter. This is an invaluable complement to those who want to link as much of their building as feasible to intelligent computing. And if you just want the coat warmer, you can buy the cooler for about $100.

This cooler is approximately on par with the hotter hardware of the signature, although it is a bit less strong. It’s also installed on a swivel foundation to make the toilet simple to fit, but instead of an 80W it’s just a 60W cooler. Although it makes running a bit cheaper, it also means that it doesn’t get as hot. It is supported by a two-year warranty that is still fairly sensible although not as great as a lifetime guarantee.

Based on the merits of the hotter cloth, this is not as nice as the Signature Hardware version. But this is a excellent item if you want to link your house to intelligent technology.


Pros: Classic, elegant style.

Includes unique intelligent home WiFi outlet.

Supported by a two-year guarantee.


Opposition: Heater is a little powerless.

Best Towel Warmers Benefit less than $300

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Amba RWH-CB Radiant Hardwired Curved Towel Warmer

Compact towel warmer has its position, but sometimes you want something bigger, enough to warm several clothes at once. One such item is the Amba RWH-CB Radiant Hardwired Towel Warmer. At 31 x 23 inches it is a bit bigger than the bent models of the last two and can sustain more pads thanks to its triangular structure.

In contrast to the past towel warmers listed here, the RWH-CB is hardwired, so you probably need to recruit an electrician to mount it. Although it arrives with an on-off button, it has no timer. The hotter cloth is produced of 18/8 stainless steel for strong and lasting building and uses a dry component to heat your sheets carefully.

The RWH-CB is not as energy-efficient as some other towel heaters but still utilizes only 150W, which is hardly a deal breaker. But the hotter cloth can get pretty hot. The temperature reaches a maximum of 149 ° F, which is warm enough to kill you. Therefore, if you do not have a cloth on it, it is better not to leave the cooler working.

All in all, this is a strong product of high quality. It is sturdy, simple to mount and temperatures your clothes carefully. Just be sure you’re not burning yourself.


Professional: Larger layout promotes many towels.

Ten heating and drying crossbars.

Very efficient in towels for heating.

Bad enough to kill you. Bad enough to burn you.

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24″ Rivergrove Curved Freestanding Plug-In Towel Warmer

The Curved Towel Warmer Rivergrove is accessible in two styles: chromium and bronze rubber oil. However, these distinctions are more than artistic, with an additional $60 cost tag and a greater wattage with greater thermal energy.

This is one of the more appealing designs I’ve seen for freestanding towel warmers, particularly in bronze finish. I’m still not sure it’s worth so much more cash, but the bronze colour is totally magnificent. The conventional metal cover provides a capacity of 130W, while the oiled silver finish provides 150W, so at least for the additional price you get a little more.

This is one of the bigger towel warmers you probably will discover. Measuring 24 x 37 x 12 inches, it requires significant room and is not suitable for use in the toilet. It is however ideal for the washing room, bathroom or any other room you may want a hot cloth. Since it is a free-standing plug-in, it doesn’t have to stay for too long in a single space.

If you are searching for a warmer that provides a reasonable balance between quality and cost, you should find this hotter one. And you could certainly do worse with a lifetime warranty.


Pros: 130-150 energy watts.

Appealing layout and finish.

Supported by lifetime guarantee.


Too big for bigger toilets.

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20″ Lausanne Plug-In Towel Warmer

One of the most remarkable models I’ve ever seen in Lausanne. This tiny electric plug-in towel holder is the ideal size for any toilet, and its three medium bars are sufficiently big to accommodate up to four tiny towels.

At first look, this hotter cloth looks a bit costly at the cost. It is approximately the same size as the swivel water heater for $100, but its structure enables it to carry more clothes. The secret is steel at its highest cost. Contrary to many cheap furnishings, Lausanne is produced of shiny wood rather than stainless steel. For those who don’t understand, brass drives warmth much easier than metal so that the cloth is amazingly efficient despite its mere 55 watts.

Measuring 19 5/8x 29 1⁄2x 5 1/8, this is the ideal size for a toilet and can be mounted easily to prevent it. It is accessible in several distinct designs in the same way as the other Signature Hardware designs, each incrementally more costly than the preceding.

This could be too costly for some people to eat at nearly $300. But its delicious esthetic acts as an outstanding complement to a newly refurbished toilet, and its elegant layout makes it also ideal for elderly households. No matter how you shake, it’s a beautiful hotter cloth.


Pros: Lovely, stylish design.

Made with high conductivity brass.

Supported by lifetime guarantee.

Opposites: Overpriced optional finishes.

Best Towel Warmers Less than $400

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WarmlyYours 9-Bar Riviera Towel Warmer

More bars implies stronger thermal transfer when it goes to cloth heaters. When you walk out of the bath, the larger the region of your cloth holds over open room rather than warm steel, the less comfort it is.

That is one thing you don’t have to care about with WarmlyYours ‘ Riviera cloth warmer. This towel cooler has 9 distinct thermal transfer bars and measures 24x 32 x 9 inches and is ideal for medium toilets and bigger toilets. While the setup is not too hard, this is a hardwired towel cooler, and an electrician may have to be consulted for assistance.

The hotter cloth can achieve temperatures up to 140 degrees and the cooler can force 150 W. One of these specific models is that they are equipped with an built-in timer, making it simple for you to switch off the heat when you leave the home for job without needing to worry about it while you get prepared.

Although this is a relatively costly hotter cloth, it provides a high temperature and strong efficiency. If you have room in your toilet and cash on your bank account, you can do worse than buy it.


Pros: Includes auto-shut-off timer.

Cord-free hardwired.

Supported by a two-year guarantee.


Bad: Hot enough for you to burn.

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33″ Bremen Curved Hardwired Towel Warmer

You will realize that I have included many Signature Hardware cloth warmers on this list. While there are a range of great products, the quality and efficiency of signature hardware has always fascinated me.

This sensation applies to the hotter cloth curved in Bremen. Although not produced of steel such as the Lausanne, it is significantly bigger and can carry up to two big clothes. This hardwired towel warmer is made from 20-guage stainless steel and operates on 150W.

Unlike the WarmlyYours Riviera, Bremen does not have a built-in timer that is a leg in the WarmlyYours contest. On the other side, a lifetime warranty supports Bremen. They are both hardwired, comparable in size and have plenty of thermal storage panels. And unlike other signature towel warmers, no overpriced finishes can be chosen.

In the end, I’d likely choose the riviera across Bremen just for the comfort of getting an integrated timer. But if you picked this fittings instead, I wouldn’t bat an eye.


Pros: Made of stainless steel 20 guage.

Cord-free hardwired.

Supported by lifetime guarantee.


Opposite: Does not include timer.

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Hudson Reed Chrome & White Traditional Hydronic Towel Warmer

All the towel heaters tested so far were electric. This is primarily because electric heaters are much more common than hydronic heaters. However, it didn’t seem to be correct to completely ignore them, so we will complete these assessments with the traditional hydronic cloth of Hudson Reed.

This closed circuit towel heater links via radiator valves with your cooling scheme, providing excellent cooling and efficiency with nearly no expense, because it utilizes the same air from your water heater. This heater produces 1500 btu with ferrous metal for better conductivity and thermal conservation, corresponding to 439 watts of energy. Just placed, no hotter electric cloth even closes.

Of course, there is a downside to this. You can’t switch it off during the winter because it’s not electronic. That might not be suitable for you if you reside in Phoenix or Miami. But you don’t have a stronger option, if you want your clothes to be hot every moment you use them.

Since the towel warmer is hydronic, it is best placed during a remodeling of the toilet. However, the superb effectiveness couples with an excellent layout will surely complement your toilet remodeling. And as it is supported by a five-year guarantee, it can be used for years to come.

Professional: Made of ferrous brass.

Provides outstanding heating.

Five-year warranty supported.


Inconvenience: Requires setup plumber.



Whatever the size of your toilet or budget, there is a hotter cloth for you. Whether you have $500 to spend or $50, you can’t enjoy comfort. While we think that the brass warmer in Lausanne is your dollar’s highest general value, all of these cloth warmers are champions. And that’s something for you to smile.

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