Top 10 Best Electric Vehicle Charging Station Reviews

The Prius Prime can be fully charged up to 30 miles, making it an highly inexpensive vehicle for local transportation. (My buddy moved from filling his petrol tank once a week to about once a month (some hybrid cars like the Chevy Volt can move over 50 milles at one cost). The range of pure electric cars can be up to several hundred miles.
Of course you need a way to charge the battery when riding an electric or hybrid vehicle. Most electric vehicles have conventional 120V charging wires to load your vehicle with a conventional electric socket. Unfortunately, it takes several hours to charge a car, particularly if you drive a pure electric vehicle with a big battery.
You must purchase a charging station or Electric Vehicle Supply (EVSE) equipment if you want to carry your car without getting it plugged all night long. However, an EVSE is not something you want to purchase without doing some studies first.

What You Need to Know about Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

An EVSE is not something that you can merely plug in. These charging stations are 240 volts, which means that they can not operate off your normal electrical cords. As a result, you probably have to employ a skilled electrician to install your charging station.
Two distinct settings provide EVSEs: plug-in and hardwired. Plug-in stations are usually simpler to operate with, but hardwired stations provide a cleaner and less confusing installation.
Plug-In Stations
Plug-in facilities are the obvious winner in terms of comfort and availability. A plugged EVSE enables your car to be readily connected to the charging station and also makes it easier to attach or update your devices. You can do it without calling your powertrain if your charging station fails or you decide to upgrade.
The only true drawback of a connected station is that you need a few additional parts, such as a connecting box. Furthermore, some electrical codes allow homeowners to install hardwired recharging facilities. But if you want the installation that provides you the maximum liberty and control, the connected route is certainly the way to go.
Hardwired Stations
Hardwired transmitters are as the name implies. You do not need a junction box or a switch for connection to the base of your car straight in your electrical scheme.
However, if something gets wrong with a hardwired setup or if you decide to upgrade to a new system, you have to search again for an electrician. A hardwired EVSE can be the route to go if you favor a more direct strategy. You should also know that certain local codes allow homeowners to use hardwired transmitters.
Another thing you should take into account is the amps you need not only for the system controller, but also for the EVSE. Each charging station is rated between 30 and 40, generally at a certain amount of amps. Every circuit breaker is also intended to operate at a certain amplifier stage.
Due to electric codes, any remaining charging car for hours at a moment may not function at more than 80 percent of the complete circuit breaker ability. Therefore you would need a 40-amp socket if your storage station is 30 amps. If your charging station is 40 amps, a 50-amp breaker is required.
Some specialists suggest you buy a 50-amp breaker irrespective of your present charging station capability. Although 50-amp switches can cost more than a 40-amp breaker for several hundred bucks, your device will still be prepared if you ever decide to upgrade.
NEMA Adapters
Most people don’t understand what NEMA is like. If you believe of a energy socket, you just believe of it–a socket. However, NEMA stations connecting with NEMA plugs are all electricity stations in North America. There are indeed tens of NEMA connectors, although few are widely used in conventional circles.
Many electric vehicles and EVSEs nevertheless use NEMA non-standard connectors, such as NEMA 6-20 or NEMA 10-30. These figures are used to define various charging facilities, which relate to the NEMA connectors that charging centers use. This implies that you have to create sure the EVSE has an electric or hybrid-compatible NEMA plug. You will need to buy an adapter if you do not have a proper NEMA receptacle at home before you can use your loading station.

Should You Buy an Electric Vehicle Charging Station?

If you own an electric car, it is an outstanding effort to purchase a charging station at tier 2. But it’s just what it is–investment. An investment. Most charging stations costs up to $500 and designs between $700 and $800 are not unusual. Besides that, you have to pay for an electrician, and you have much more than $1000.
However, there is a silver lining. After purchasing your electric car you may have got a tax incentive from the state. Fortunately, charging centers are entitled to the same tax rewards and you could earn hundreds of bucks in fees, based on the local tax codes.
Time is the other variable. If you have a busy timetable or a lengthy commute, it may merely not be feasible to wait 8-12 hours for your vehicle to pay. The EVSE can split the charging period in half or even quarter depending on your vehicle batteries. With vehicles performing better on a complete battery, you can use your capital better.
You don’t need an EVSE to load your vehicle at the close of the day. Your vehicle is just okay connected to a normal 120V socket. But you won’t regret that if you’re prepared to create the purchase.
Please note that prices for each item examined below are based on a specific NEMA connector. The cost may be distinct if you pick an EVSE with a distinct plug.
This is a fast reference which enables you to match the entire charging station on this list at a glance.
Quick Overview: The Best Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Best Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Under $250

Zencar Level 2 EV Charger

As far as electric car charging facilities are concerned, $250 is certainly at the lower end of the range. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t get a excellent cost item yet. The electric vehicle charger Zencar Level 2 is one of the cheapest charging facilities on the market.
Two distinct plugs are accessible for Zencar. It is accessible both in NEMA 10-30 and NEMA L14-30, depending on which plug you used when your charging system was mounted. The Zencar is 240V and 16 amps rated. That means you don’t need a more expensive 50-amp circuit breaker, but it doesn’t charge your battery almost as fast.
Almost every power car is consistent with this charging station as soon as it complies with SAE J1772 security norms. The charging station can operate from -22 ° F to 122 ° C at nearly every temperature. While the temperatures are not unheard of in the USA, in almost every climate your vehicle will be safe to charge.
There are also a range of security controls in the charging center. The EVSE is illuminated, leaks, overvoltage and overheating. Although it is waterproof if it is prone to flood harm for a long time underwater, it is UL94V-0-rated flameproof. There is a two-year warranty on the charging station.
Although it has not as much energy as costly EVSEs, it is much more efficient than a conventional 220V socket, making this charge station of Level 2 an outstanding choice.
Pros: Compatible with cars SEA J1772.
The NEMA 10-30 and L14-30 applications.
Supported by a two-year guarantee.
Contras: Only 16 amps are available.

Best Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Under $500

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Jekayla Level 2 40 Amp Portable Electric Vehicle Charger

At 40 amplifiers, the Jekayla Level 2 40 Amp Portable Vehicle Charger provides considerably more energy than the Zencar charging station, which is more modestly priced. Since your car fees are linked immediately with your unit’s amperes, Jekayla costs 2,5 times quicker than a 16-amp EVSE.
The Jekayla is consistent with all cars that are compliant to SEA J1772 with a NEMA 14-50 connector, although it requires an adapter for Tesla designs. The EVSE is 240V and will have a big effect on your power bill at 9600 Watts, so be sure to pay it in the evening and prevent maximum hours if necessary.
The Jekayla has a 16.4-foot cord, a little brief, but expansion wires can be sold if that is not lengthy enough. The EVSE is waterproof and is approved for use in all weather and blizzards. A one-year warranty for enhanced ease of mind supports the charging station. This charging station does not operate with hardwired charging systems, unfortunately.
Pros: Compatible with cars SEA J1772.
NEMA uses 14-50.
Supported by a one-year guarantee.
Contrary: Don’t operate with hardwired devices.
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Siemens US2:VC30GRYU VersiCharge Universal

You can check out Siemens US2 VersiCharge Universal EVSE if you are interested in rankings and prizes. Wirecutter’s top charging station for 2017, this 30 amp 240V charging station is simple to operate and willing to operate.
The VersiCharge is simpler to mount and function with the same NEMA 6-50 connector that is commonly used in dryer suits. It comes with a bracket that makes installing in your garage simple and has a amount of built-in timer features that allow you to stop your load or extend it for a amount of hours.
The VersiCharge is manufactured in California and is supported by a leading three-year warranty and is compliant with all of SEA J1772 and Tesla cars. The VersiCharge can be used with both hardwired and plug-in systems to give you the versatility and liberty needed to suit your home and lifestyle.
Your vehicle will be prepared to move with an average charge moment of only 3.5 hours before you realize it. The VersiCharge is supplied with a handy 20-foot cord to provide greater flexibility and can be used both inside and outside.
Pros: Compatible with cars SEA J1772.
Can be used in hardwired or plug-in devices.
Three-year warranty supported.
Contracts: Customer service is slow to maintain.
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ChargePoint Home Electric Vehicle Charger: 16 Amp, plug-in station

How much does intelligent house compatibility value for you? If you aim to link your whole house to your intelligent centre, then the charging station that you’re searching for could be the ChargePoint Electric Vehicle Charger.
Chargepoint is compliant and prepared for Amazon Alexa, so you can switch the charger on and off from anywhere in your home with a easy voice control, saving cash and time, and making it easier for you to do so. It also enables you to track and monitor your EVSE via the smartphone app, allowing you to regulate your EVSE even better.
However, this is not the finest system when it goes to energy. A 16 amp load station will not charge your car as fast as other designs, and there are a range of quicker EVSEs accessible for less cost. Furthermore, the ChargePoint can be used only with its own 12-foot energy cable; any other cable can cancel the guarantee.
Nonetheless, this charging station demonstrates its compatibility with its intelligent centre. If you do not use Amazon Alexa, there are more strong charging stations that will give you a higher cost value. But ChargePoint is worth the cost for those with linked intelligent households.
Pros: Compatible with cars SEA J1772.
Amazon Alexa compatible.
Supported by a one-year guarantee.
Contra: Only 16 amps are available.
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AeroVironment TurboCord Dual Plug-In EV Charger

The AeroVironment TurboCord is like the ChargePoint EVSE a 16-amp plug-in charger that allows quick and easy charging of all UL cars. The AeroVironment is distinguished by a Level 1 and Level 2 charger, so that you can charge your vehicle anywhere you go whenever you go.
AeroVironment is one of the leading names in the business when it comes to electric car chargers, as they contributed to the development of theEV-1, the first modern electric car. Of course, the business produces some of the best charging centers on the market. You support this expertise with a three-year warranty, which leads you to credible years of results.
You do not have to think about costly circuit breakers since the TurboCord utilizes a NEMA 6-20 connector to your plug-in cabinet, and it operates on only 16 amps. The TurboCard is rated for indoor and outdoor use, waterproof and ready to use in any conditions of the weather. While quicker charging facilities are accessible, the AeroVironment experience and guarantee make it a worthwhile EVSE.
Pros: Compatible with cars SEA J1772.
Features level 1 as well as level 2 plugs.
Three-year warranty supported.
Opposite: Only 16 amps are running.

Best Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Under $600

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ChargePoint Home Wi-Fi Connected Electric Vehicle (EV) Charger

Being aware of connecting your charging station to your intelligent house is a useful characteristic and ChargePoint WiFi attached EVSE phones are some of the finest phones on the market due to their compatibility with Amazon Alexa. This is similar to the ChargePoint charging station of 16 amps but has 32 amps for quicker charging and improved efficiency.
As ChargePoint is compliant and prepared for Amazon Alexa operation, it links to your home WiFi network straight. You can turn on your charging system with ChargePoint on a phrase, or order Alexa to set up instant timers that load your car at a particular moment every day or night. In addition, you can track and monitor your EVSE using a smartphone app, allowing you to control your EVSE even more easily.
Thanks to a beefier 32 amp design, this is the equivalent of charging stations for rivals, although it is somewhat more costly. Nevertheless, this charging station demonstrates its compatibility with its intelligent centre. If you are searching for a quick charging station at a competitive cost, stronger alternatives are available. But if Alexa connects your house, this is the way forward.
Pros: Compatible with cars SEA J1772.
Amazon Alexa compatible.
Supported by one-year guarantee.
Cheaper than other charging stations.
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JuiceBox Pro 40

The charging station JuiceBox Pro 40 amps provides a quick, high-powered EVSE with a smart and contemporary layout that readily distinguishes it from other designs. With built-in WiFi access and an optional Amazon Alexa speech button, the JuiceBox will bring your electric car into your intelligent home while delivering an incredible quantity of energy that can load your car in less than four hours.
The JuiceBox Pro, using a NEMA 14-50 connector, provides a range of creative characteristics, including an app and a web charging system to set a timetable and monitor the power meter. It also provides real-time notifications and LED charging indices will let you understand when the charging station is running.
Since the JuiceBox Pro has 40 amplifiers, you need a more costly 50-amp circuit breaker. While this raises your assembly charge, it is worth improving the charge rates, offering you more time to do what matters to you.
Pros: SEA J1772 compatible cars.
Amazon Alexa compatible.
Supported by a one-year guarantee.
Cheaper than other charging stations.
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ClipperCreek HCS-40P EV Charging Station

The ClipperCreek HCS-40P electric charging facility is yet another strong option for an EVSE and provides everything you need to achieve quick, accurate efficiency. ClipperCreek is a excellent option for your plug-in charging center, with a NEMA 14-50 plug-in and 32 amps.
The ClipperCreek has been accredited for security and guarantees all security requirements for your electric car. The charging station is installed with a cinch and no installation is needed at all. Just put the EVSE on a wall and you will be prepared. It comes with a 25-foot wire so that you can set it up quickly and can be used indoors or outside.
The loading station from ClipperCreek arrives with everything you need to attach it and also has a place to store your cable if it is not used. This even has a clock, so that you can always maintain your possessions safe. The charging station is produced in America so you understand that you can rely on quality production.
Pros: Compatible with cars SEA J1772.
Complies with all security certifications.
Supported by a one-year guarantee.
Cheaper than other charging stations.

Best Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Under $700

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AeroVironment 32 Amp EV Charger

Bigger and brighter than the lower-cost charging center AeroVironment, this EVSE has 32 amplifiers to charge your car faster, allowing you more time to do the stuff you enjoy.
AeroVironment is one of the largest names in the company when it goes to electric car batteries because it helped createEV-1, the first contemporary electric car. So, of course, the business produces some of the best charging facilities on the market. You support this expertise with a three-year warranty that is leading in the industry to rely on years of accurate results.
You do not need to care about the costly circuit breakers since the TurboCord utilizes a 6-20 NEMA to link to your plug-in system. The TurboCard is designed for indoor and outdoor use and is water-resistant and prepared to use in any weather conditions. Whilst fast charging centers are accessible, the AeroVironment’s knowledge and warranty makes it an EVSE worth the cash.
Pros: Compatible with cars SEA J1772.
Complies with all security certifications.
Three-year warranty supported.
Cheaper than other charging stations.

Best Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Under $900

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Bosch Level 2 Plug in EV Charger

Most charge stations are only accessible for plug-in stations, but the Bosch Level 2 EV charger is both hardwired and plug-in compliant, which allows you to cope with any scenario in multiple ways.
The Bosch charger offers a amount of useful characteristics, like an on / off button to reduce your power use and a heat detector to prevent overheating. At 30 amps, the Bosch costs your vehicle in 4-5 hours and utilizes a conventional NEMA 6-50 connector, with most electric dryers, which makes installation simpler.
The Bosch Level 2 charger features everything you need to charge your car, supported by a industry-leading three-year warranty. You can count on Bosch to satisfy your requirements whether you have a easy plug-in charger or electrical codes to use a hardwired system.
Pros: Compatible with cars SEA J1772.
Complies with all security certifications.
Supported by a three-year guarantee.
Advantages: Significantly costlier than other charging stations.
Trying to locate the correct charge station to satisfy your requirements can be somewhat difficult, but there are usually not many wrong decisions to make.
The key choice is how many amplifiers you want to operate, whether your device is plugged in or hardwired and if you want to link your charging station to your intelligent house.
Regardless of what you need in a charging station, we’re sure you’ll discover what you’re searching for.

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